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Notices and Tips

File Naming: Keep your files from being "space-y"

Start proper file naming practices today!  
Ensure the file name is brief, concise, contains a keyword and does not contain spaces.

For example, instead of:

SCT-ECR to Heatherstone with Oak Grove.pdf

that resolves to this in the URL ("%20" is automatically input in place of spaces by HTML):






Try eliminating hyphens in cases where file name will still be readable. Example: MonthlyCrimeStatistics.pdf

Avoid Reserved or Unsafe Characters in File Names

For a variety of reasons (related to Internet protocols and schemes) several characters should not be used in File names or Blog titles. When you name a file, image or create a blog title, ensure the following characters are not included:

Reserved characters:  $  &  +  , /  :  ;  =  ? @

Unsafe characters:  Includes the blank/empty space and   “  <  >  #  %  {  }  |  \  ^  ~  [  ]  `

File Size:
Files should be compressed so they do not exceed 4MB in size which is the upload limit.

Rename and compress your files BEFORE uploading.

July 31, 2015 3:46 p.m.

Page Moves/Page Name Changes

Be sure to check the inSunnyvale.com listing by departments file prior to requesting any page moves or page name changes to avoid broken inSunnyvale.com links. May 22, 2015 3:44 p.m.

Crossed Workflows Issue

The crossed workflows issue has been relatively quiet lately. If you experience any crossed workflows, please contact us immediately so we can correct them. September 8, 2014, 3:37 p.m.; rev. 5/22/15

Communications Requests

updated March 10, 2015

Please send all website, communications and social media related items to the Communications AP or call ext. 7535.

The following people will provide the following support on Sunnyvale.ca.gov:

Primary:  Lynn Stuart ext. 7905  and John Novicki ext. 7906 
Secondary: Claire Garcia ext. 7487 
Last Resort: Helen Kwan ext. 7556

Sunspot postings: Claire Garcia ext. 7487  Additional help on Sunspot: Klaus Daehne, ext. 7554

Social Media, KSUN Slides or Council Presentations: Communications AP, ext. 7535

Thank you,
Communications Division


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