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Updates to inSunnyvale.com Pages

A recent request came through to change the name of a page, which was done. Changing the page name resulted in breaking its inSunnyvale.com link, which then needed to be redirected. Links to the page from other pages in the section also broke since they had been created as absolute links (pasting the URL into the Hyperlink Manager) instead of relative links (using the Page pull-down selection in the Hyperlink Manager). The page owners had to check through their section, find and correct the broken links.

In response to this, we’ve updated the inSunnyvale.com listing by departments Excel file to include the URL to which the shortcut redirects.

When changing the name/location of a page check the inSunnyvale.com listing spreadsheet to see if it has an inSunnyvale.com shortcut. If so, work with your Web Specialist to ensure timely and adequate steps are taken to correct the shortcut and review possible broken links.

When you’re updating pages and adding links, be sure that on-site links are created as relative links instead of absolute links. Pages here tend to get moved and renamed on a frequent basis which will break any absolute links. (See page 15 of the Web User’s Manual.)

March 10, 2015, 12:23 p.m.

Crossed Workflows Issue

With the help of the vendor, IT has identified the issue with the crossed workflows (getting approval notifications for Web page updates from other departments). Your help is needed for us to begin to implement a solution. ANYTIME you are editing or approving a page, please check and see if the “Workflow in Use” is the correct one (see screenshot below). If it is NOT, please contact: John Novicki ext. 7906 and  Lynn Stuart ext. 7905,  immediately before you make any updates to the page.

Check EVERY time because even if it was correct, or corrected, a prior time there’s a possibility it may revert. 

September 8, 2014, 3:37 p.m.; rev. 3/10/15

Communications Requests

updated March 10, 2015

Please send all website, communications and social media related items to the Communications AP or call ext. 7535.

The following people will provide the following support on Sunnyvale.ca.gov:

Primary:  Lynn Stuart ext. 7905  and John Novicki ext. 7906 
Secondary: Claire Garcia ext. 7487 
Last Resort: Helen Kwan ext. 7556

Sunspot postings: Claire Garcia ext. 7487  Additional help on Sunspot: Klaus Daehne, ext. 7554

Social Media, KSUN Slides or Council Presentations: Communications AP, ext. 7535

Thank you,
Communications Division


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