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Economic Development

Sunnyvale’s prime location in Silicon Valley offers access to one of the most vigorous, cutting-edge business environments in the world. Sunnyvale is the heart of Silicon Valley, and is recognized globally as a city that enables entrepreneurship.

The tradition of service, performance and efficient municipal management continues to make Sunnyvale an attractive place to do business. Our flexibility enables businesses to create and grow in the face of change by supporting business processes and technologies to help businesses bring products to market in a timely manner. Sunnyvale believes in partnering with the business community to support the economic vitality and diversity that supports Sunnyvale’s business ecosystem.

Economic Development staff works directly with businesses as the first link to City government. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Coordination of all business needs through the Economic Development Division ombudsman: “One phone call access” to a dedicated business advocate to coordinate City solutions
  • Development process assistance: Coordinated customer contacts with specialized staff representatives from different City departments
  • Partnerships and resources: The Economic Development staff maintains partnerships with local, regional and state agencies; hosts small business workshops assisting startups and expanding businesses; and provides reader-friendly brochures featuring resource information from varying agencies

If you are interested in locating or expanding your business in Sunnyvale, contact Economic Development and we can assist you in finding the right business site for you.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Sunnyvale business community.

Contact Us

Connie Verceles
Assistant to the City Manager

Maria Rodriguez
Economic Development Specialist

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