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Verify Your Property Zoning

Verify Zoning Regulations and Construction Potential

IMPORTANT: Before you sign a lease or purchase a property, contact our Economic Development team, 408-730-7607, to determine zoning regulations for your intended location.

  • Your property must have the proper zoning for your planned use. If you plan to relocate, you need to confirm that the zoning regulations for the new property will allow your current business.
  • City planners can help you get information on whether structural changes and construction would be allowed at your chosen property. They can help you determine what permits you need.

Get Construction and Sign Permits

  • You need a building permit if you are constructing a new structure or making alterations to an existing building. The building permit process includes the review of plans and inspections to verify compliance with the California Building Code and local regulations.
  • If you plan to display a sign for your business, you will need a Sign Permit. You must have a permit for permanent and temporary signs, including building and window signs, and banners.

Note: You'll need to know if your building will meet laws set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Before construction begins visit State of California Division of the State Architect. You will learn about the benefits of hiring a Certified Access Specialist. These specialists can inspect your buildings to ensure compliance.


Call our One-Stop Permit Center at 408-730-7444 to get help with zoning regulations, construction potential, and construction and sign permits.

If you need assistance in finding a property for your business, contact our Economic Development team, 408-730-7607.

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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2021