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Temporary Outdoor Dining

On June 5, 2020, the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health updated the Shelter in Place order. The update allows restaurants with outdoor dining to reopen based on specific health and safety criteria. The City created simplified rules for the expansion of outdoor dining on private property and Murphy Avenue.

Local Emergency Order Regarding Temporary Outdoor Dining Areas

Outdoor Dining on Private Property

If you have an existing restaurant and you would like to use existing parking for temporary outdoor dining, complete the Temporary Outdoor Dining Operation Certification Form and submit it to Planning.

Temporary Outdoor Dining Operation Certification

If your temporary outdoor dining has either of the following:

  • Liquid Petroleum Gas fueled Heaters (LPG)
  • Covered tent structure (400 square feet or more)

you must follow the Tents & Canopies for Outdoor Operations requirements.

Outdoor Dining on Murphy Avenue

Restaurants on Historic Murphy Avenue (between Evelyn and Washington) may use designated areas on Murphy Avenue for temporary outdoor dining. The City has contacted all business owners and provided a list of needed items. If you have questions specific to temporary outdoor dining on Historic Murphy Avenue contact Shaunn Mendrin. 

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021