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Construction Waste

Debris Box and Hauling Requirements for Demolition and Construction Projects

All solid waste from residential and nonresidential construction, demolition, remodeling or cleanup projects must be collected and disposed of in containers provided by the City's franchised hauler, Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling. Certain activities are exempt from this requirement. Violators of this requirement are subject to citation, fines and impoundment of unauthorized collection containers.

Allowable exemptions

To order a debris box (dumpster) or other collection services

To dispose of large amounts of waste from remodeling, construction, landscaping or general cleanup projects, you may rent a debris box from the City.

  • Call the City's Utilities Division at 408-730-7400.
  • For locations without an active City water or sewer account, call Specialty at 408-565-9900.

Construction and Demolition Waste Diversion Required

Are you doing a remodel or demolition project where 50% or more of the exterior wall will be removed?

If so, these types of projects require that you recycle or reuse at least 65% of the project’s nonhazardous waste.

Prior to applying for a building or demolition permit for one of these projects, you will need to follow the City’s waste tracking requirements. Learn the requirements and steps you need to take to get started:

Construction and Demolition Waste Tracking Requirements

Then report and track project waste using the City’s Construction and Demolition Waste Tracking Tool.

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021