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Inspections are required for most building permits. To find out what type of inspections your specific project requires, contact a building or fire inspector at the One-Stop Permit Center, 408-730-7444.

Schedule a Building Inspection

Call the One-Stop Permit Center at 408-730-7444 or schedule your building inspection using our online service.

Schedule a Fire Inspection

Call 408-730-7652 to schedule a fire inspection for new construction.

Schedule a HazMat Inspection

Call 408-730-7212 to schedule a hazardous materials inspection for new construction.

Schedule a Public Works Inspection

Call 408-730-7415 to schedule an inspection for work or construction in the public right of way.

Special Inspections

Certain types of projects and construction methods require special inspections by an outside agency. Any required special inspections will be noted on the permit and plans.

Special Inspection Form

Special Inspection Agencies

Special Inspection Agencies (Pending Review)

Electrical Equipment Testing Agencies

All electrical equipment must:

  • Be listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory and labeled with the certification mark of that laboratory, or
  • Be field-certified and labeled by a recognized third party electrical testing agency.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Program

Listing and Labeling of Electrical Equipment

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021