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Caltrain Grade Separation Feasibility Study

Sunnyvale has active, street-level railway crossings at Mary and Sunnyvale avenues. The Caltrain Grade Separation Feasibility Study will examine options for separating the road and railway to address safety concerns, reduce congestion delays, improve pedestrian and bike access, and reduce noise impacts.

Anticipated service increases along the Caltrain railway line will improve access for Sunnyvale commuters, but heighten concerns associated with railway crossings if they are not grade-separated. This project will consider the feasibility of grade separation alternatives based on construction feasibility, estimated cost and potential impacts that could include property acquisition, access modifications and temporary road closures.


Dennis Ng, Transportation and Traffic Manager, 408-730-7591

Natalina Bernardi, BKF Engineers Project Manager, 925-396-7737


The City is currently refining concept designs and undertaking preliminary traffic analysis related to grade separation at both Mary and Sunnyvale Avenues. Additional community meetings are planned for spring 2020.


Caltrain Railroad Crossing Locations

On January 31, 2017 the City Council approved a contract with BKF Engineers to prepare the Caltrain Grade Separation Feasibility Study. The study will analyze existing and future traffic conditions for each alternative, outline the challenges and benefits of implementing grade separation and propose potential solutions.

These are the alternatives that will be analyzed:

  • Mary Avenue - Underpass with Jughandle
  • Sunnyvale Avenue - Underpass Tunnel and Ped/Bike Undercrossing


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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019