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Google Caribbean

The proposed Google campus project at Caribbean Drive is on a 40.5-acre site. The project will result in the construction of two new five-story office buildings totaling 1,041,890 square feet. The existing 10 parcels of office and manufacturing buildings (710,381 square feet) will be demolished.


Shaunn Mendrin, Principal Planner, 408-730-7431



On May 12, 2020, the City Council reviewed and approved a Special Development Permit and Environmental Impact Report for the project.

For more information about the project, see Details Tab and review:

Report to Council 20-0433, May 12, 2020 – Major Moffett Park Special Development Permit and Vesting Tentative Map for two new five-story R&D office buildings


The project consists of a Special Development Permit to demolish 13 existing buildings and existing surface parking lots, remove vegetation and trees on the approximately 40.5-acre site and construct two new five-story office buildings totaling 1,041,890 square feet. Combined, the two buildings would have a Floor Area Ratio of 0.66.

The project includes a parking structure and surface parking with a total of 2,092 spaces as well as new traffic signalization at the intersection of West Caribbean Drive and the 200 W. Caribbean Drive driveway. The project includes improvements to the existing Valley Water West Channel which bisects the campus such that 100 W. Caribbean Drive lies to the east and 200 W. Caribbean Drive lies to the west. 

The following existing buildings will be demolished:

West Caribbean Drive Borregas Avenue Caspian Court Bordeaux Drive
141 1330-1338


Notice of Availability
Notice of Determination
Notice of Preparation
Revised Overall Site Plans (101 MB PDF)
Renderings of Project Views

Final Transportation Environmental Impact Report (FTEIR)


Draft Transportation Environmental Impact Report (DTEIR) Documents

DTEIR Including Appendices A and B (39 MB PDF)
DTEIR Including Appendices C Through K (130 MB PDF)


The project area is located in northern Sunnyvale within the Moffett Park Specific Plan area. The project site is bound by West Caribbean Drive on the north, Mathilda Avenue on the west, and Borregas Avenue on the east. It is bisected north to south by the Santa Clara Valley Water District's West Channel. The site is currently zoned MP-I and MP-TOD (Moffett Park Industrial and Moffett Park Transit Oriented Development).

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2021