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Moffett Towers II

The Moffett Towers II project is a proposed office campus development by developer Jay Paul Company on a 47.4-acre site largely located between 11th and Fifth avenues on the Lockheed Martin facility at 1111 Lockheed Martin Way. The proposed project would replace approximately 924,347 square feet of existing office space with five new eight-story office buildings, including one amenity building, surface parking and four parking structures for a total of approximately 1.65 million square feet of total building area. Within the campus layout would be a 7-acre landscaped common space to accommodate active and passive recreation on-site.


Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
A Draft Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the proposed project. The environmental report covers an analysis of potential environmental impacts resulting from the project. The report considers past environmental documents that have already been completed for the area including the 2003 Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and any additional environmental review for development applications within the Specific Plan area that have been approved since 2006.

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires a minimum 45-day review of a DEIR. The 45-day review period began on December 28, 2015 and ended on February 12, 2016. The purpose of the 45-day review period is to allow for comment on the adequacy of the DEIR. A Planning Commission hearing to take testimony on the adequacy on the DEIR was held on February 8, 2016. Comments on the DEIR will be included in the Final EIR along with a response to all comments. The Draft EIR and the Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) are available below and hard copies are available at City Hall, the Library and Community Center for review.

Draft Environmental Impact Report (24 MB PDF)
Transportation Impact Analysis (10 MB PDF)


Permitting Process
The project requires the following entitlements from the City:

  • Specific Plan Amendment to the Moffett Park Specific Plan (MPSP):
    • Change the land use designation of the project parcels from Moffett Park Industrial (MP-I) to Moffett Park Transit-Oriented Development (MP-TOD) and to amend language for siting MP-TOD parcels
    • Allow the base density of the existing MP-I parcels to increase from a 35 percent up to approximately 80 percent Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
  • Rezoning of the project parcels from MP-I to MP-TOD
  • Moffett Park Major Design Review Permit
  • Development Agreement
  • Parcel Map

An increase in square footage of 35 percent FAR is allowed in the MP-TOD area resulting in a 70 percent FAR and an additional 10 percent is allowed through the City’s Green Building Program. The proposed square footage over the existing base FAR would be allocated from the Moffett Park Specific Plan Development Reserve and would not increase the overall density of Moffett Park.

City Contact

Comments, questions and concerns should be directed to Margaret Netto, project planner, at 408-730-7628.


There are no additional documents.


Jay Paul Company requested a General Plan Amendment to the Moffett Park Specific Plan (MPSP) to change the Specific Plan designation for two parcels totaling 47.4-acres from Moffett Park Industrial (MP-I) to Moffett Park Transit Oriented Development (MP-TOD). The requested change would increase the allowable Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for these parcels from 35 percent, allowing up to an 80 percent FAR with the Green Building Incentive. The City Council approved the initiation request on February 10, 2015 to allow Jay Paul to submit a formal application to further study the requested change.

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2017