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Plaza del Sol Phase II

Construction of Plaza del Sol was completed in 2004 as the first phase of a two-phase plan to design and build an urban park on top of the underground parking structure at the corner of West Evelyn Avenue and South Frances Street. Downtown Sunnyvale has changed greatly since the plaza first opened. Phase II is underway with the goal of enhancing the existing plaza with changes in mind to encourage more Sunnyvale residents and guests to visit.


Nathan Scribner, Assistant City Engineer, 408-730-2783


Current Status 

The City selected a landscape architect. The landscape architect will work on the design, construction, and bid documents.

Next Steps

Fall 2022 - Award construction contract


The community's top amenities to add to the plaza include:

  • Covered garage ramp
  • Play area
  • Overhead lighting
  • Spray misters
  • Enhanced labyrinth
  • Walls with seating and planters


Reports to Council

  • Report to Council 21-0853, Sept. 28, 2021 - Approval of Contract to Callander Associates Landscape Architecture Inc. for Design Services for the Plaza del Sol Phase II Project (F21-110)
  • Report to Council 20-0718, Aug. 11, 2020 - Approval of the Conceptual Design for the Plaza del Sol Phase II Project (see Preferred Concept Plan below)

Background Documents


In May 2003, the Sunnyvale City Council approved a phased project approach for construction of a downtown plaza at 200 West Evelyn Ave. The urban park was designed and constructed on top of the underground parking structure of the Mozart Development (Mathilda Place). Construction of Phase I was completed in 2004. It opened to the public as Plaza del Sol.

A City project to design and construct Plaza del Sol Phase II was originally scheduled for 2012-2014. However, the funding was rescheduled multiple times. Funding changes were due to developments in the downtown area, budget needs or competing priorities. Phase II includes design features left out of the initial project due to insufficient funding. It adds features based on experience with the initial project. The intent is to create a landmark focal point on Plaza del Sol to encourage Sunnyvale residents and guests to visit.


June 2021 - Award design contract

April 2021 - Advertise RFP

September 2020 - Begin RFP process for a landscape architect

Aug. 11, 2020 - Present final concept to City Council

July 8, 2020 - Present preferred concept to the Parks and Recreation Commission

For the preferred concept plans, project background and community input materials, see Documents tab.

Last Updated: Nov 1, 2021