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Lap Swim at Sunnyvale Swim Complex

We offer two separate Lap Swim programs at the Sunnyvale Swim Complex. One is Organized Lap Swim Workout, and the second is Lap Swim by appointment (swim pass and appointment required). Read further for details.

Organized Lap Swim Workout

The organized lap swim workout program allows for swimmers to be grouped with others seeking a challenging workout during the lap swim appointment. The program is available Monday to Friday, 6-9 a.m. in 45-minute workouts. To join this workout, Make a Lap Swim Appointment. Then check "Organized Lap Swim" under "Lane Request." 
You must be:

  • Age 18+

Lane Sharing: you may share a lane ONLY with someone from your same living unit.

Lap Swim Appointments

Swim at your own pace and schedule. Create your own workout plan. 

Lap Swim Appointment Details

  • All lap swim appointments start on the hour.
  • You may swim for a maximum of 45 minutes within the appointment time.
  • You must be age 16+ to register for lap swim.  If you are age 16 and 17 your parents must be present during check-in. Lap swimmers must demonstrate the ability to swim the length of the lane (25-yards) without showing signs of distress.
  • At check-in a lane is assigned to you at random. See more information under How to Make an Appointment.
  • A second person from the same living unit* may be added to a lane. An additional appointment is not necessary.

*A living unit means people living in the same household.

Cancellations: You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance by clicking on the "change/cancel appointment" button at the bottom of your appointment confirmation email. We do not accept cancellations made less than 24 hours from your appointment.  "No shows" will be deducted from your swim pass.

How to Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment up to 7 days in advance.  You can make one appointment per day.  Complete the form below to sign up for a lap swim session. 

The City of Sunnyvale encourages persons with disabilities to participate in City of Sunnyvale programs. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities in accordance with the Americans for Disabilities Act.  If you require a specific type of lane access as a reasonable accommodation, please indicate your need for shallow water, deep water, stair or ladder access on the appointment form under Lane Request. For any other accommodations, please contact 408-730-7398, TDD 408-730-7501, at least 2 business days (48 hours) in advance of the program or activity.

Appointments fill up quickly and are limited due to staff resources.  Check back to see if appointments are available due to cancellations. 

Purchase or Renew a Lap Swim Pass

You may purchase a pass online 

Or purchase a pass at the Community Center Registration desk either in-person or over the phone:

Community Center – 408-730-7350
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Lap Swim Pass options: 1-visit, 5-visits or 10-visits
    • Non-Resident $12 per swim
    • Resident $10 per swim
    • Senior Resident $7 per swim (Sunnyvale Residents ages 55 and over)
  • Each appointment equals one visit. One pass per person.
  • You must purchase a swim pass at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
    • Due to high demand, the City reserves the right to cancel your appointment for failure to have a valid swim pass on file.

After purchase, you will receive an email from recreation-registration@sunnyvale.ca.gov with the lap swim pass and receipt.

How Many Lap Swim Visits Do I Have Left On My Pass?

Wondering how many visits you have left on your lap swim pass? You can view how many swim visits are left on your active pass by following a few simple steps.

Log onto your online account, and follow the path below to view all valid passes and the number of visits left on each pass.

  1. Click 'My Accounts' then click 'My Memberships'
  2. Click the Member's Account
  3. 'Pass Number' and 'Punches Left' will display

What You Need to Know to Use the Pool

Present your current swim pass upon arrival. You may show it on your mobile device or a printed copy.

  • You must wear a mask at all times at the pool facility (entrance, pool deck, restrooms) except when swimming.
  • No changing on deck.
  • Come dressed to swim and be prepared to leave in swim attire. Locker rooms and showers will be closed and changing in the restrooms is not allowed.
  • Upon arrival, you will be required to complete a health screening, including a temperature check.
  • Always maintain social/physical distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • Follow all staff directions and posted signage.

Do not come to the pool if you are feeling sick. Follow the Participant Illness and Wellness Policy.

If you fail to comply with swim complex requirements, you may be asked to leave, be denied entrance or forfeit lap swim privileges.

Sunnyvale Swim Complex Protocol and Arrival Information

Lap Swim Pool Hours

View our hours of operation


Call the Fremont Pool Complex at 408-590-6173 or the Community Center at 408-730-7350.

Make a Lap Swim Appointment

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2021