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Consumer Education

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Plug & Go Plug! Electric Vehicle Owner's Panel & Showcase at Sunnyvale Public Library  



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Taming the Credit Monster
Teaching Your Children About Money
Financing - Panel of Lenders


Local History

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A History of Atari with Al Alcorn


Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

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How to Write a Patent Application
Program Slides
Maximizing the Value of Your Patent
Provisional Patent Applications
Applying for a Patent

Program Slides

Trademarks with Richard Stim

Program Slides


Software Patents with Julie Samuels
Online Copyright: What You Need to Know

Program Slides


Patent It Yourself with David Pressman Program Slides
Five Ways You Can Protect Your Great Idea Without Filing a Utility Patent
David Pressman - Author of Patent It Yourself
Patent Application and Examination


Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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Presenting Perplexus with Designer Michael McGinnis

Program Slides


Start-up Legal 101
Franchising: Small Business Ownership
Developing a Business Plan
Should I Start a Business?
Basic Business Research


Writing and Self-Publishing

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Flash Fiction - The Art of the Very Short Story

eBook Self-Publishing with Smashwords - How to do it Fast, Free and Easy (Part 1) Program Slides
eBook Self-Publishing with Smashwords - The Secrets to ePublishing Success (Part 2) Program Slides
Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Words - How to Sculpt What You Really Want to Say
Plot a Powerful Story - One Scene at a Time
Life as a Food Blogger - Carolyn Jung
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2020