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Sunnyvale's park system includes 476 acres of parks and open space located in neighborhoods throughout the City. Many of our parks include picnic areas, playgrounds and sports fields or facilities.

Most neighborhood parks are open from sunrise to sunset, except where noted.

    Park Use Rules

    Please help keep your park safe, usable and attractive by observing the following:

    • Alcohol may be consumed only with picnics at designated picnic areas. SMC 9.62.070 (a)
    • Keep dogs on leash and clean up after pets. SMC 9.62.070 (d)
    • No sales of any items without written permission. SMC 9.62.070 (f)
    • Do not enter any areas posted as “closed.” SMC 9.62.070 (h)
    • Amplified sound requires a permit. SMC 9.62.070 (k)
    • No smoking. SMC 9.28.030 (5)
    • No littering. SMC 9.62.030 (b)
    • Motorized vehicles may only be operated on designated roads and parking lots. SMC 9.62.040 (e)
    • Exclusive use of facilities is by permit only. SMC 9.62.120 (a)

    All users must abide by the City's Park Use Rules.
    Read the complete Public Parks Municipal Code.

    Let us know if you see vandalism or graffiti, or if you encounter maintenance issues such as inoperable restroom fixtures.

    Report a Park Issue Online

    Last Updated: Aug 9, 2017