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Social Media Policies

Terms of Use

Do not use City social media channels to report an emergency or a crime. Dial 911 for emergencies.

Report non-emergency issues on Access Sunnyvale. If you need non-emergency assistance from, or want to report suspicious activity to Public Safety, dial 408-730-7180.

The City of Sunnyvale’s social media channels are a limited public forum for communication about City news, services and programs between the community and the City. These channels are not monitored 24/7.

We may screen comments periodically and reserve the right to remove inappropriate content, such as comments or posts that:

  • Threaten or defame any person or organization
  • Are obscene or profane
  • Sexually harass or contain sexual content
  • Promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination of classes protected under federal, state or local law
  • Plagiarize, or violate intellectual property or other legal rights
  • Tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems
  • Solicit commerce, such as commercial promotions or spam
  • Support or oppose political campaigns, candidates, or ballot measures
  • Are off-topic or that link to material that is off-topic to the particular posting
  • Promote illegal activity

The City is not responsible or liable for any inappropriate content which is not removed in a timely manner.

Comments posted by members of the public are the opinions of those individuals, and use of the "like" or comment feature between the City of Sunnyvale and a private person or entity does not indicate the City’s endorsement of that person or entity’s actions or comments. As always, use caution clicking external links; the City does not guarantee their authenticity or security.

Be aware that City social media channels and all content posted on those channels (including comments) are subject to the California Public Records Act. Information will be retained in accordance with records retention requirements and disclosed in accordance with the Public Records Act. Users of City social media sites should have no expectation of privacy to any information submitted to or posted on these sites. Posting information related to a crime on this page, is not deemed anonymous. You may be contacted by a Public Safety employee is you are a witness to a crime.

Your posting constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use and any terms of use established by the applicable social media channel.

If you have any questions about our social media policies, don't hesitate to ask.

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021