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City Council

Larry Klein
Seat #4
First Term (expires 2020)

Vice Mayor
Russ Melton
Seat #5
First Term (expires 2020)

Gustav Larsson
Seat #1
Second Term (expires 2022)
Glenn Hendricks
Seat #2
Second Term (expires 2022)
Nancy Smith
Seat #6
First Term (expires 2020)
Michael S. Goldman
Seat #7
First Term (expires 2020)
Mason Fong
Seat #3
First Term (expires 2022)


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Contact the Council

Campaign Statements and Statements of Economic Interests

Statement on our City Values and Public Service 

Council Policy Priorities

  • Civic Center Campus and Main Library
  • Ability of Infrastructure to Support Development and Traffic
  • Open Space Acquisition Planning: Future of Golf Courses
  • Downtown Sunnyvale
  • Improved Processes and Services through the Use of Technology
  • Accelerating Climate Action

Get summaries and updates on a variety of Sunnyvale projects including transportation, parks, land use and more.
Sunnyvale Project Summaries

Intergovernmental Relations (IGR)

The City Council annually appoints members to a variety of intergovernmental agencies in order to represent the City’s interests and to influence policies and regulations of other agencies.

2018 City Council appointments to IGR agencies and subcommittees

Legislative Advocacy Positions

As defined by the General Plan, the Legislative Advocacy Positions are short-term in nature, typically speak to pending legislation and current issues, and support the General Plan and guide Council and staff on intergovernmental matters.

Legislative Advocacy Positions Policy 7.4.14

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2019