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Study Issues Overview

What is a Study Issue?

A study issue is a topic of concern that may result in new or revised city policy. City Council and staff use a formal study issue process to identify, prioritize and manage the review of these topics during each calendar year.

City Council Annual Process for Study Issues

Boards and commissions rank any proposed study issue that falls under their purview for next calendar year. Council holds a public hearing on study issues proposed for current calendar year where members of the public comment on proposed study issues. Council holds Study/Budget Issues Workshop where Council assigns priority ranking to proposed study issues. Council holds a public hearing to approve study issue presentation dates for studies recommended for study. Staff publishes all City Manager approved study issues papers and additional workshop materials to the City website. Although study issue topics can be submitted at any time, for an issue to potentially receive consideration during the next workshop, it should be submitted before October to allow time for staff to prepare materials ahead of the upcoming annual prioritizing process.

How do I Propose a Study Issue?

The public can suggest study issue topics at any time for the City Manager, City Council or a board or commission to sponsor and move forward in the formal process.

If your topic is sponsored, staff will prepare a study issue paper for City Manager approval, and the topic will move to the annual Study/Budget Issues Workshop, where City Council will review it and rank its priority.

Study Issue Papers, Results and Status Reports

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2021