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Diversity and Inclusion

Sunnyvale takes pride in the incredible diversity of people who form the rich fabric of our city. We embrace our community of many backgrounds and beliefs, and pride ourselves in our openness and acceptance for all.

Our City Values and Public Service statement expresses our commitment to ethical service delivery to meet the needs of all community members regardless of race, religion, ancestry, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. All City employees are responsible to serve every member of the public with courtesy, respect, professionalism and impartiality. We are a culturally diverse community where all are welcome, safe and acknowledged.

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Diversity and Inclusion Liaison

The City's diversity and inclusion liaison helps develop and maintain an open, trusting relationship with out diverse community. Her role is to:

  • Engage with diverse communities and serve as a liaison to ethnic, LGBTQ+ and disability rights groups.
  • Learn to apply a diversity and inclusion lens to policy, services and outreach.
  • Assist the City Manager, Council and other city officials with issues affecting Sunnyvale’s diverse communities.

Jaqui Guzmán, Deputy City Manager
Diversity and Inclusion Liaison
Phone: 408-730-7480

Sunnyvale Unity

Sunnyvale Unity represents the City’s commitment to creating a culture of belonging where all members of our diverse community feel included, heard, and respected.

Cultural Inclusion Study Issue

The City is exploring strategies to promote cultural inclusion in City programs and services. Using an equity lens, staff will assess:

  • Current policies
  • Communications and outreach
  • Programming and resources
  • Representation on City Boards and Commissions

We will also identify best practices and seek your input to address any gaps in policy or service delivery to better meet the needs of our diverse community. See project updates.

Inclusive Council Policies and Resolutions

Council Policy 1.1.14: Public and Private Street Rename Process and Criteria
Council Policy 7.2.1: Community Engagement
Council Policy 7.3.30: Display of Commemorative and/or Ceremonial Flags at City Hall
Council Policy 6.4.1, Goal B: Arts
Resolution No. 997-20: Denouncing Xenophobia and Anti-Asian Sentiment
Resolution No. 1046-21: Denouncing Anti-Asian Hate
Resolution No. 975-19: Commemorating LGBTQ Pride Month


Sunnyvale ADA Compliance

Santa Clara County:

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2021