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Sunnyvale Drive Electric

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Driving an electric vehicle (EV) helps the air, your wallet and the planet. Attend a Drive Electric workshop to find an EV that is right for you.

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Upcoming Workshops

EV Charging Basics (Webinar) – May 12 from 7 to 8 p.m.

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Is the idea of charging an electric vehicle mysterious or confusing? Get more familiar with the basics of electric vehicle charging at this free workshop. Learn about resources for home and community EV charging. Review available rebates and the procedure to optimize your EV charging experience.

Upcoming Events

EV Ride and Drive (in person) – June 18 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Baylands Park - 999 East Caribbean Drive

Register for EV Ride and Drive

Explore a vast collection of electric vehicle makes and models and take one for a test drive. Learn answers to your questions about the vehicles and charging. Review available financial incentives. You will have the opportunity to sit in, ride, or drive electric vehicles. Join us to experience the joy of switching to electric firsthand.

Past Events

Ride into Earth Month (in person)– April 9, 2022 at the Sunnyvale Community Center - 550 E. Remington Drive

We kicked off Earth Month by experiencing electric vehicles. Community members had the chance to test drive EV's. They explored the various makes and models on the market. We had information booths showcasing ways you can take action to help the Earth. Booths included composting information, food scrap collection and Climate Action Playbook scoreboard updates. We had a demonstration of zero waste cooking on an all-electric induction cooktop.

EV Financial Incentives Clinic (Webinar)– March 10, 2022

Watch the video of EV Financial Incentives Clinic

Think you can't afford an EV? Think again! Learn about the many financial help programs that can make owning an EV a reality for you and your family. And not just any vehicle – a non-polluting, low-maintenance, fast, quiet, fun electric vehicle. We'll help you discover the specific rebates and grants that fit your tastes, income and needs. Because EVs are for everyone, including YOU!

New Year's rEVolution: Drive Electric in 2022! (Webinar) – Feb. 23, 2022

Watch the video of New Year's rEVolution Drive Electric in 2022!

Go electric in 2022 for cleaner air and a healthier planet. Plus, save money on fuel while driving a smoother, cooler, smarter car. Learn about the benefits of electric vehicles and charging basics. Review state and federal rebates and the exciting new models coming out this year. Join us in making a New Year's rEVolution to drive electric in 2022!

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Save money. Say goodbye to oil changes. EVs have lower maintenance and fueling costs over the vehicle's lifetime. Take advantage of federal and local tax credits, rebates and incentives to lower the sticker price.

Enjoy the ride. Faster acceleration and a quieter driving experience can add a boost to your commute, school drop-off and errands.

Save Time. With an EV you'll never need to visit a gas station again. Charge your EV at home, work or a local shopping center. Drive in the carpool lanes with a Clean Air Vehicle decal and spend less time in traffic.

Right style, right size. EVs come in many styles and sizes, ranging from sedans to SUVs. There's an EV that caters to every need – large trunks, car seats, high clearance, tight spaces... you name it.

Help the climate. When you charge your EV in Sunnyvale, you are fueling your vehicle with carbon-free electricity from Silicon Valley Clean Energy. Gas vehicles are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Sunnyvale. Driving electric is one of the most impactful changes you can make to help the planet.

Sunnyvale Drive Electric Program Goals

Sunnyvale Drive Electric is an action (Next Move) in the City's Climate Action Playbook. Drive Electric aims to help our community reach our zero-emission vehicle targets. Those targets are 20% of all road vehicles be zero-emission by 2030. And 75% be zero-emission by 2050. The program provides educational tools to help drivers switch to electric vehicles.


Plugshare - Find local charging stations (interactive map).

EV Assistant (Silicon Valley Clean Energy) - Browse new and used electric vehicles and charging options. Also, discover rebates and incentives.

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2022