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Sunnyvale must re-draw its six Council district boundaries using new 2020 Census data. This process is called redistricting. All jurisdictions with district-based election systems, like Sunnyvale, must redistrict after each Census. This keeps population counts within each district relatively equal to ensure equal representation. Sunnyvale adopted district boundaries in 2019 using 2010 Census total population counts. In 2021, we will work with you to adopt new district boundaries for Council elections between 2022 and 2030.

We are committed to having a robust public-led process. Help us determine Sunnyvale’s new district boundaries:


Jaqui Guzmán, Deputy City Manager, 408-730-7909


Phase 2: Selecting Commission Members

Council approved Ordinance No. 3174-21 establishing a Redistricting Commission. Council will appoint commission members through an open public process. Applicants must be:

  • A Sunnyvale resident for at least one year
  • 18 years of age by November 8, 2022

Apply for the Redistricting Commission

Upcoming Meetings

  • Council Meeting - May 4 (Public Outreach Plan)
  • Council Meeting - June 29 (Redistricting Commission appointment)

Past Meetings

Phase 3: Mapping

In Phase 3, we will train and provide the community with tools to draw district maps. The Council or Redistricting Commission (if authorized by Council) will adopt a district plan based on community input.


Phase 1: Redistricting Process

In Phase 1, City Council established a public process for redistricting. Council decided to use the assistance of a Redistricting Commission made up of seven Sunnyvale residents. The Commission will propose 3-5 maps for Council consideration and approval.

District-Based Elections

Sunnyvale voters adopted a six-district Council election system with a directly-elected mayor on March 3, 2020 (see Measure B). Council placed Measure B on the ballot after a thorough community engagement process.

  • Community members designed the Council district map.
  • Voters in even districts elected a Council representative and all Sunnyvale voters elected the mayor in Nov. 2020.
  • Voters in odd districts will elect a Council representative in Nov. 2022 under the new district plan.
Last Updated: Apr 15, 2021