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Fire Prevention Services

The Fire Prevention Program is dedicated to reducing the loss of life and property through inspections, code enforcement, operating and special use permitting and public education.

Fire Safety

For Businesses

For New Construction

For Homes

Submit a Complaint

Email Fire Prevention or call 408-730-7212 if you observe potential fire hazards such as:

  • Obstructed exits
  • Non-illuminated exit signs
  • Missing or inoperable smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Misuse of hazardous materials

Operational Fire Permits

You must obtain a temporary or annual Operational Fire Permit for activities or materials that present a fire or life-safety hazard. Permits are established by California Fire Code Section 105, as amended by the City of Sunnyvale in SMC 16.52.

Learn about Operational Fire Permits

Request Fire Inspection Records

The public is allowed reasonable access to all fire and hazardous materials inspection records except those deemed confidential, subject to the City of Sunnyvale policies and regulations.

To request records related to fire and hazardous materials inspections in Sunnyvale, complete and return the Fire Prevention and Hazardous Materials File Review Request Form.

Fire Safety Inspections

We conduct annual fire safety inspections in the community year-round. They are mandated by the California State Fire Marshal. Inspections require access to common, shared areas of residential and commercial buildings.

Our personnel wear Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety uniforms while conducting inspections. Upon request we will show city-issued photo identification cards.

Questions: Email Fire Prevention or call 408-730-7212.

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021