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Magical Bridge is Coming to Sunnyvale

Help Sponsor This All-Inclusive Playground

On July 11, the Sunnyvale City Council approved a partnership with the Magical Bridge Foundation to create an inclusive play space as part of the already planned renovation of Fair Oaks Park. The Council committed $1.8 million towards building a Magical Bridge Playground and the Foundation will design it and raise the remaining $2.4 million needed through foundations, local businesses and community groups.

“Magical Bridge Playground embodies the innovative and collaborative spirit Sunnyvale is known for. We are truly proud of the opportunity to bring an inclusive playground to our community, and even prouder that a young Sunnyvale resident encouraged us to pursue the idea,” Sunnyvale Mayor Glenn Hendricks said.

Visit Magical Bridge in Sunnyvale for information about the playground and ways to support the project.

June 29, 2017