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Smokefree Sunnyvale Law

Did you know that Sunnyvale is a "smokefree" city? In 2016, the City updated its smoking laws to prohibit smoking in most outdoor areas and in multi-family housing.

The law aims to protect Sunnyvale residents, employees and visitors from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

What does “smoking” include?

For the purposes of the law, smoking includes:

  • Cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookahs and pipes 
  • Electronic smoking devices, such as e-cigarettes or vape pens
  • Marijuana 

Where is smoking prohibited?

Outdoors, you may NOT smoke:

  • In places where food or drink is consumed
  • Within 25 feet of any operable doorway, window, opening or vent of buildings 
  • Within 25 feet of "service areas," such as transit stops or ATMs 
  • At public events
  • Anywhere on S. Murphy Avenue between Washington and Evelyn avenues 
  • At public parks, including golf courses 

In multi-family housing, you may NOT smoke:

  • In indoor and outdoor common areas (e.g., lobbies, community rooms, paths, parking lots, courtyards)
  • Within 25 feet from any operable doorway, window, opening or vent of a multi-unit residence
  • Inside any unit, including private and shared balconies and patios 

The law applies to all properties with two or more units, including apartments, condominiums, and townhomes (properties with a shared wall).

The law does not apply to mobile home parks.

For most multi-unit residences, the entire property must be smokefree, unless the management provides a designated smoking area that meets City requirements.

Where is smoking permitted?

  • In outdoor areas that are farther than 25 feet from a place where smoking is prohibited
  • In a private residence (unless it is in multi-family housing)
  • In smoking-designated hotel or motel guest rooms
  • In retail or wholesale tobacco shops

What are the consequences if I don’t follow the Smokefree law?

If you smoke in areas where smoking is prohibited, you may be subject to fines or prosecution.

View the Smokefree Sunnyvale law (Chapter 9.28)

Learn about Sunnyvale's restrictions for recreational marijuana

For questions, contact Neighborhood Preservation, 408-730-7610.

November 20, 2017