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FoodCycle Tips & Tricks

Simple tips for FoodCycle success in your kitchen and preventing food (and other stuff) from being wasted.

Tip #1
Find a Container That Fits Your Needs. If the countertop pail that was provided doesn’t fit your needs, there are many other options. A small garbage can with a foot pedal, a plastic container or a milk carton are all examples of collection containers that may work better in your kitchen. Mini-bins (a smaller version of the countertop pail) are also available from the City, call Utilities at 408-730-7400 for delivery.

Tip #2
Storage Solutions. Don’t want your countertop pail on the counter? Some people put it under the sink, store it in the fridge or even in the dishwasher until they are ready to use it. Try out different locations to find the best solution for you. 

Tip #3
Keep Things Odor-Free. Put your bags of food scraps in the fridge or freezer until the morning of or night before collection. Put a piece of newspaper at the bottom of your countertop container or sprinkle baking soda into the container to absorb moisture and reduce odor.

Tip #4
Use Plastic Liners. Use a plastic bag to put your food in. It doesn’t have to be a compostable bag; it can be any kind of clear bag that you repurpose, like a produce bag or a bread bag or even a sealable bag. You can also order clear bags online, just look for a 3.5 or 4-gallon size to fit your countertop pail. And yes, the bags can go directly into the yellow food side of the cart.

Tip #5
Reduce What You Toss Out. We don’t mean for the lettuce to get soggy, the tomatoes to get wrinkled up or the strawberries to get fuzzy, but it happens to the best of us. How to prevent it? Get some waste-reducing tips on how to shop for what you need, plan your menus, and make the most of food you already have in your fridge and cupboards.

Tip #6
Recycle Right. Make sure you are recycling everything you can, but only what the Sunnyvale program accepts. Milk and juice cartons, detergent bottles, clean pizza boxes and cereal boxes are all recyclable. To learn more about what you can recycle, search our “How to get rid of anything” tool

Learn more about FoodCycle or contact us at 408-730-7262.

May 17, 2018