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City Exceeds 2020 Climate Goal

Sunnyvale has hit a major climate goal ahead of schedule, according to the City’s Climate Action Plan 2018 Biennial Report, approved July 17 by City Council.

The state set a target of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The progress report shows that, as of 2016, Sunnyvale has achieved a 12 percent reduction below 1990 levels, even as population and employment has grown.

The City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP), adopted in 2014, has served as a roadmap for reducing GHG emissions and achieving the state’s 2020 goal.

To achieve more aggressive, longer term GHG reductions, the City is developing an updated Climate Action Plan (CAP 2.0), building on the original CAP and incorporating new ideas contributed by our community. CAP 2.0 is expected to go before the City Council in December 2018.

Read the Climate Action Plan 2018 Biennial Report

July 18, 2018