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Sunnyvale Theatre Survey

Did you know Sunnyvale has a theater? What events or shows have you seen or would like to see in Sunnyvale?

Help shape what you'll be seeing on Sunnyvale's stage in the future: Take our online survey and share your thoughts about what types of entertainment you'd like to see in Sunnyvale. We want to hear from you.

California Theatre Center (CTC), which performed for many years at the Sunnyvale Theatre, closed in 2017, creating a void in Sunnyvale theater programming. The City is conducting an online survey to ensure that the Sunnyvale Theatre can help fill the gap left by CTC, and serve the interests and needs of the Sunnyvale community.

We’ve already gathered feedback from other groups that regularly perform at the theater (such as Sunnyvale Community Players, Sunnyvale Singers). These groups are longtime City partners that will continue to present shows and concerts at the theater.

The online survey will only take a few minutes to complete. Your feedback will help us provide services and entertainment that reflect the needs of the community.

Take the survey now. Survey deadline: May 31.

For more information

Call 408-730-7472 or email Nathan Truitt, Performing Arts Coordinator

May 13, 2019