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District Elections: Map-making Workshops

The City Council has committed to placing a Charter amendment on the March 2020 ballot to ask voters to approve a transition to district-based elections. The measure will propose six Council districts with a directly-elected, at-large mayor. Switching from an at-large to district-based system would remedy perceived violations of the California Voting Rights Act.

Creating district maps is a key step in the move to district-based elections. Beginning with a kick-off meeting on July 15 and through August 24, you will be able to create and submit your proposed maps of new council districts for Sunnyvale.

You'll learn how to create district maps, including the legal requirements, at the following three workshops:

July 15, 6 to 8 p.m.
Community Map-making Kick-off Meeting

Sunnyvale Public Library (Program Room)
655 W. Olive Ave.

Learn about the project, legal requirements to create council district maps and a variety of paper and web-based mapping tools.

July 31 and Aug. 20,  6 to 8 p.m.
Map-drawing Training and Technical Assistance

Sunnyvale Office Complex (Computer Training Center)
505 W. Olive Ave. #315

Learn about the legal requirements to create council district maps and receive technical assistance to draw your own map.

For more information, visit SunnyvaleElections.org

May 31, 2019