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New Pedestrian Warning Device on El Camino Real

Caltrans installed and activated a new pedestrian-warning device, called a HAWK beacon (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK), on El Camino Real at Helen Avenue.

How Does a HAWK Beacon Operate?

Once activated by pedestrians, the HAWK beacon displays a series of flashing or steady, yellow or red lights, signaling drivers to slow or stop. When the beacon is flashing red, treat it just like a stop sign. Vehicles must stop and wait for pedestrians to completely cross before proceeding.

When the beacon returns to its dark state (no lights on), vehicles can drive as normal. The beacon, along with other new signs and road markings at this location, is designed to help pedestrians cross El Camino Real more safely.

Video: Watch the HAWK Beacon in Action

What Does an Approaching Driver See?

Dark: Proceed as Normal; Flashing Yellow: Slow Down, pedestrian has activated the beacon; Solid Yellow: Prepare to Stop, Pedestrian will begin to cross soon; Solid Red: STOP! Pedestrian in crosswalk; Alternating Flashing Red: STOP! Proceed with caution if clear

January 21, 2020