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Goats Go Grazing

Once again goats are ranging the 94-acre Sunnyvale landfill.

Each year to reduce fire risk, the City hires a large herd of goats to chomp down the vegetation at the landfill.

"Why goats?" you might ask. Goats are experts in their field. Called "the ultimate grazing machines" they eat, and relish, the toughest weeds: thistles, pampas grass and poison oak. And brush. In contrast to sheep, goats prefer weeds over grass.

Unlike mowers and tractors, goat grazing doesn't require petroleum, produce toxic fumes or generate objectionable noise levels. Nor do they create a risk of sparking a fire. Also, goats naturally eliminate the need for chemical herbicides and fertilizers.

The goats are monitored by two herders, one human, and one canine – a border collie – a dog bred for livestock.

We kid you not, eating for a living is goat glee.

Important: Please do not visit the goats. There is no parking and no safe place to stop.

April 13, 2020