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City Statement About Racial Injustice

The recent killings of George Floyd in Minnesota, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky have once again inflamed the wounds of racial injustice in America. These racially-charged incidents are tragic and exasperating. It must stop.

We stand united with those in support of racial justice. We can no longer ignore the systemic racism and oppression felt by Black people and other people of color in our communities. Your pain is heartbreaking. We are listening and know we must do better.

As public servants, it is our responsibility to treat all members of our community with dignity and respect and ensure everyone feels safe and welcome. We hold Sunnyvale public safety officers in high regard and will continue holding them to the highest standards.

Words alone are not enough. We must act. Sunnyvale is not insulated from racism. Together, we faced the shock and grief caused by a hate crime last year. Our community gathered and pledged to shine a light on racism and root it out. We must continue this work.

Today, we jointly commit to creating a safe space for dialogue. We invite you to join the conversation. Subscribe to our Sunnyvale Unity mailing list to be involved. We will not rest until we better understand racial inequities and find effective and lasting solutions.

Larry Klein, Mayor
Kent Steffens, City Manager


June 3, 2020