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Introducing Our New Library Catalog

Our new and improved Library catalog is available now! Log in to your account.* Please be sure to update any bookmarks or favorites.

Why did you get a new catalog?

We implemented the new catalog based on customer requests for tools to organize, share, and socialize around their love of books, media, ideas, and knowledge.

The new interface will simplify searching and make it easier to find what you want to read, watch, listen to and more. You can search just like you do on Google, with natural language and autocompletion.

Want to find new items?

Now you can find them in one place. Use the filters at the top to look for different types of digital and physical items, different genres, ages and languages. OR type phrases such as 'new books' or 'new movies' or 'new teen graphic novels' into the search box.

Can I read book reviews?

Our new catalog also allows you to easily read reviews from critics and library users. You can even add your own! To see reviews, click on the title of the item, then scroll down.

Is the physical book you wanted checked out?

See at a glance if it's available in other formats, such as eBook, eAudiobook, and Large Print.

What about my Reading History?

If you opted in to keeping your Reading History in our old catalog, it will transfer easily to the new one. Just enable Borrowing History in our new catalog to complete the transfer.

Are there lists of recommended titles?

Our librarians have been working hard on curated lists of materials to make your browsing easier. Find lists for children, teens and adults.

*Log in to your account. The very first time you log in, please use your library card number and the same PIN you usually use for your account. The system will ask you to create a username. Pick a username that you can remember. After the first time, you may either use your library card number or username with your PIN.

If you cannot remember your PIN, please call the Library, and we will be happy to reset it for you.

Don't forget to update your contact information with your account, as we will no longer be supporting text notifications.

Want to learn more about how the new catalog works?

Read all about it in the catalog's help section.

Please contact us or call 408-730-7300 if you have any questions about the new catalog or need assistance.

February 18, 2021