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Reach Codes are Approved

The California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the City’s reach code ordinance. The ordinance is in effect as of Jan. 26, 2021.

Reach codes affect residential and nonresidential new construction. They do not apply to remodels or alterations.

Reach codes will make effective the following changes:

  • Gas appliances are not permitted. Gas appliances can be cooking range, water heater, space heater, fireplace, etc.
  • Solar panels are required for all new buildings.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations (or conduit and preliminary wiring for them) are required for all new building parking lots.

Background and Purpose

To help achieve environmental goals, many communities have adopted “reach codes.” These are local energy codes for building design and construction that go beyond minimum state requirements. The codes help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting electric versus natural gas energy use. The City proposed a phased program that would start with all electric construction for new buildings.

For more information

Reach Codes Requirements - Residential
Reach Codes Requirements - Nonresidential

Contact the Building Division at 408-730-7444.

February 1, 2021