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Roadmap to Sustainability

This Earth Month take part in our Roadmap to Sustainability online challenge.

Each week there will be a "pit stop" with actions you can take to become more sustainable. Have fun with your friends and family with these activities and events. And help the planet! Reduce your carbon footprint by taking action at each "pit stop." To take part:

  1. Check out our Roadmap to Sustainability with weekly pit stops and suggested actions.
  2. Pit Stop #1: Figure out your carbon footprint.
  3. Every week take actions at each themed pit stop and snap a photo.
  4. At the last Pit Stop, recalculate your carbon footprint and submit your photos.
  5. Continue practicing sustainable habits for a healthy future.

Submit your photos by Sunday, May 8 at 5 p.m. to enter to win a prize. If you can't upload your photos to the form, email them to us. Three Roadmap to Sustainability challenge winners will be selected though a random drawing. You must be a Sunnyvale resident to win. Use our Roadmap to Sustainability as a guideline. Design your own journey towards sustainability and submit them under "bonus actions."

Follow Sunnyvale Environmental Services Facebook page - get sustainability tips and updates throughout the month.

For more information
Email us or call 408-730-7717.

March 28, 2022