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Active Transportation Plan

How can we continue to improve options for bicyclists and pedestrians in Sunnyvale?

How can Sunnyvale students more safely walk and bike to school?

The City of Sunnyvale is exploring these questions as part of a year-long effort to create an Active Transportation Plan that will address bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to Schools needs throughout the City.

The Active Transportation Plan will help the City strategically invest in programs and projects to make walking and bicycling safer and more convenient for residents. In addition, the Plan will analyze ways to make it safer for Sunnyvale students to walk and bike to school.

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Lillian Tsang, Principal Transportation Engineer, 408-730-7556


The Active Transportation Plan kicked off April 2019 and is a 12-month process. The Plan includes many opportunities for public input during its development.

Upcoming Events

Draft Recommendations Recap and Review
When: Thursday, Dec. 19, 6:30 p.m. - Topic is an agenda item at the BPAC meeting
Where: Sunnyvale City Hall, Council Chambers, 456 W. Olive Ave.
Purpose: We want to hear your input and ideas. Join us to review the City's biking, walking and Safe Routes to School draft recommendations. At this meeting the project team will also recap the main themes and comments heard at the Dec. 5 workshop.

Community Workshop 2 (March 2020 - date pending)

Project Timeline

  • Identify Active Transportation needs (April to September 2019)
  • Recommend Active Transportation improvements (October 2019 to January 2020)
  • Review the Public Draft Plan (February to April 2020)


Walking and Biking Needs

The recommended programs and future projects will be guided by a technical analysis that includes:

  • Bicycling and pedestrian collision history
  • Locations of bicycling and walking demand
  • Current needs and gaps within the bicycling and pedestrian network
  • Existing infrastructure and right-of-way constraints

The City will also rely on public input to help guide the process. City of Sunnyvale residents, visitors and workers will help identify existing barriers to walking and biking around the City, and locations where people would like to be able to walk and bike.

Safe Routes to Schools

Designing an environment where students can safely walk and bike to school is a priority for the City. We will conduct audits at all 21 public schools serving Sunnyvale students to identify potential improvements for routes to and from school.


The City of Sunnyvale adopted its last Bicycle Plan Update in 2006. The Active Transportation Plan examines the future needs of Sunnyvale. It will recommend improvements that integrate pedestrian, bicycling and Safe Routes to Schools needs.

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2019