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Active Transportation Plan

How can we continue to improve options for bicyclists and pedestrians in Sunnyvale?

How can Sunnyvale students more safely walk and bike to school?

The City of Sunnyvale explored these questions as part of a 14-month long effort to create an Active Transportation Plan that will address bicycle, pedestrian and Safe Routes to Schools needs throughout the City.

The  recommendations within the Active Transportation Plan were developed through engagement with Sunnyvale community members and stakeholders. Along with a technical analysis of walking and biking needs across the city.

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Lillian Tsang, Principal Transportation Engineer, 408-730-7556


The purpose of the 2020 Sunnyvale Active Transportation Plan (Plan) is to assist the City in creating a safe, connected, and efficient citywide walking and bicycling network. The Plan lays out goals, strategies, suggested infrastructure projects, and supporting programs, as well as identifies funding sources and implementation priorities. The Plan will serve as a guide for City Council to consider future actions and to approve future grant applications.


Walking and Biking Needs

The recommended programs and future projects were guided by a technical analysis that includes:

  • Bicycling and pedestrian collision history
  • Locations of bicycling and walking demand
  • Current needs and gaps within the bicycling and pedestrian network
  • Existing infrastructure and right-of-way constraints

The City relied on public input to help guide the process. City of Sunnyvale residents, visitors and workers helped identify existing barriers to walking and biking around the City, and locations where people would like to be able to walk and bike.

Safe Routes to Schools

Designing an environment where students can safely walk and bike to school is a priority for the City. We conducted audits at all 21 public schools serving Sunnyvale students to identify potential improvements for routes to and from school.


The Active Transportation Plan updates Sunnyvale's 2006 Bicycle Plan, 2007 Pedestrian Safety and Opportunities Study, and 2012 Comprehensive School Traffic Study. It examines the future needs of Sunnyvale and it addresses the needs of people walking and biking - separately, acknowledging unique barriers and implementation challenges to each mode. In addition, this plan has a separate focus on Safe Routes to School, prioritizing biking and walking safety along students' paths to school.

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2021