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Bike Racks

Commercial and retail property owners

Do you want to provide secure, convenient bicycle parking for your customers and guests? You may request free bike racks installed on your property through our pilot Bicycle Rack Installation program.

The program is for existing commercial or retail properties with a shortage of bike parking. To request the installation of bike racks, you must be the property owner or manager of the site.

The Process

Fill out the Bicycle Rack Installation Request - Property owner or manager only

Note: If you are a bicyclist and would like to have a bike rack installed at a business, please reach out to the business to fill out the request.

After receiving your request, we will do a site evaluation. See Site Evaluation Criteria.

For more information

Contact Thinh Le, Transportation Engineer

Site Evaluation Criteria

We will use the following to evaluate applications:

Existing site restrictions

  • Trees or landscaping
  • Public utilities
  • Permanent fixtures

Number of bike racks

  • Available space
  • Discussion with property owner

Placement of bike racks

  • Concrete surface
  • Minimum available space

Number of Bike Racks Minimum Available Space Needed
1 4’x7’
2 7’x7’
3 7’x7’
4+ To be evaluated

The City has the sole discretion to approve or deny any application.

Bike Rack Installation and Management Agreement

If we approve the request, we will create an agreement between you (the property owner) and the City.

You must maintain and keep the bike racks for the duration of the agreement. If you violate the agreement, you will reimburse the City for both the labor and material costs for the bike rack installation.

Once you have signed the agreement we will contact you to schedule a date for installation.

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2022