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Transportation and Traffic Safety

Walk and Bike
Transportation Plans, Policies and Solutions


Active Transportation Plan 2020

The main goal of the plan is to encourage bicycling and walking. It's comprised of three plans: bicycle, pedestrian and safe routes to school. Our plan is to create a safe, connected network for bicycling and walking. Some recommendations include:

  • Making infrastructure changes (such as adding bike lanes or crosswalks)
  • Teaching walking and biking safety skills

Active Transportation Plan - Approved by City Council, Aug. 25, 2020 (43 MB PDF)

Vision Zero Plan

We developed the Vision Zero Plan to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries. The plan is a phased approach with a goal of 50% reduction by 2029, and nearing zero by 2039.

Roadway Safety Plan

Based on our five-year traffic safety analysis we developed the Roadway Safety Plan. The plan's purpose is to define solutions to the traffic issues found in the analysis. Also, having the plan provides eligibility to receive federal funding. The funding will allow us to implement the roadway solutions.


Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

VMT is a new environmental policy. It affects land-use and transportation projects. The new analysis counts trips going to and from the project site. This policy changes the way we study potential transportation environmental impacts. Use VTA's VMT Evaluation Tool to identify these potential impacts.


Transportation Projects

Sunnyvale Avenues Safe Routes to School

On Sept. 28, 2021, City Council approved removing on-street parking on Sunnyvale Avenue. The project will install buffered bicycle lanes on both sides of the street. Sunnyvale Avenue will have on-street parking removed along:

  • East side between Maude and Arques avenues
  • Both sides between Arques and Hendy avenues

The completed project will:

  • Improve bicycle safety and connectivity on the street
  • Improve access to Bishop Elementary School and the Downtown
  • Complete a high-priority project in our Active Transportation Plan

Tentative Schedule:

  • Oct. 2021 - Design phase begins
  • Aug. 2022 - Construction phase begins
  • June 2023 - Project completion

Java Drive Road Diet and Bike Lanes

This project will improve bicycle safety and accessibility in Moffett Park. The project limits are between Mathilda and Crossman avenues. We are proposing a road diet* on Java Drive to install buffered bike lanes. To achieve this, we will remove one vehicle lane in each direction and convert it to a buffered bike lane.

*A road diet reduces the vehicle lanes to add space for other modes of travel paths, such as bike lanes or sidewalks.

See the results of the Java Drive survey.

Next Steps 

  • Spring 2022 - Final design complete
  • Summer 2022 - Construction begins
  • Summer 2023 - Construction complete

The bike lanes will connect to existing bike lanes on Java Drive south of Crossman Avenue. The completed project will:

  • Connect existing bike lanes on Java Drive south of Crossman Avenue
  • Connect existing bike lanes on the cross streets along this segment
  • Add bicycle detection at signalized intersections within the project limits

For more information, contact Angela Obeso, 408-730-7557.


Last Updated: Dec 1, 2021