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The City provides maintenance services for approximately 37,000 street trees, with the assistance of property owners. The City provides pruning services for street trees to maintain structural integrity and to avoid branch or trunk failure as much as possible. Residents are expected to maintain any debris in the right-of-way, water their street trees as needed and report any problems regarding their street trees.

Delayed Services Notice
Tree services are experiencing delays. This is due to budget cuts resulting from COVID-19. These services include inspections, pruning, tree and stump removals, and plantings. Our response to hazards is prompt.

Street Tree or Private Tree

Before working on a tree, you need to know whether it is a street tree or a private tree. The City regulates the care of these trees differently.

What is a Street Tree?

A tree whose trunk is within the City right-of-way area starting from the face of curb and extending approximately 11 feet into a property. Measurements can vary depending on the size of the street.

  • In many older neighborhoods, the street tree is in a patch of land between the curb and the sidewalk. In newer neighborhoods, the curb, gutter and sidewalk are all one piece, so the street trees are located on the residence side of the sidewalk.

Any tree in any public green space, such as parks, center medians in roadways and City campuses.

What is a Private Tree?

A tree whose trunk is completely outside of the City right-of-way. The City does not provide services for private trees.

Who is Responsible for Street Tree Clean up?

Residents are expected to clean up debris in the right-of-way and water their street tree as needed.

Who Should I Call About my Neighbor's Tree?

Most private tree issues are a private civil matter. If your neighbor's tree is dead or impacting your property, contact your neighbor. If you believe the tree is causing a dangerous situation in the public right of way, call the City’s Neighborhood Preservation unit at 408-730-7610.

How Can I Request a New Tree ?

Street tree planted in public right-of-way: The City will plant a new street tree in front of your home in the public right-of-way. Submit a Street Tree Planting Agreement and Request Form.

Tree planted on homeowner's private property: Learn about our new tree program, Branch Out Sunnyvale, in partnership with Our City Forest.

Can I Prune My Street Tree?

Residents can prune low-growing limbs or brush on street trees from the ground using non-power hand tools to raise limbs less than 1-inch in diameter without obtaining a tree work permit. Any other type of pruning requires a street tree work permit.

No-cost Street Tree Work Permit Application and Requirements

How Do I Report Problems with Street Trees?

For broken limbs or fallen trees, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., call 408-730-7506.

For hazardous conditions — after hours only — contact Public Safety at 408-730-7180.

If your street tree looks unhealthy, call 408-730-7506.

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2021