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Storm Drains

Storm Drain 24-Hour Hotline – 408-730-7400

Use our 24-hour hotline to report:

  • Localized flooding or backup of a storm drain
  • Damage to a drainage grate or manhole cover

What is illegal discharge or dumping?
Only rainwater (stormwater) is permitted in storm drains. Anything else put into the storm drain system is illegal. Water from storm drains is not treated and flows directly to the Bay. If you see anything being dumped or washed to the street or storm drain, help protect our Bay, creeks and ocean by reporting it.

Report non-emergency illegal discharge or dumping into storm drains by calling 408-730-7260.

Report dumping of hazardous materials, like motor oil, gasoline or paint, into or near the storm drain by calling 911 immediately.

Report a Storm Drain issue online


Last Updated: Mar 19, 2021