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Water Pollution Prevention

Sunnyvale has two separate sewer systems: the sanitary sewer system and the storm drain system.

  • Water and wastewater from inside your home flows through the sanitary sewer system to the Water Pollution Control Plant, where it is cleaned and treated before being discharged into San Francisco Bay.
  • Water outside your home, such as rain water and irrigation water, flows into storm drains and through the storm drain system directly to local channels and creeks that lead to San Francisco Bay.

Keep Medications Out of the Environment

Medications are considered hazardous waste and should not to be flushed down toilets or drains, or put in the garbage. Water treatment plants are limited in their ability to remove medications from waste water and even small traces of common medications can harm aquatic organisms.

For proper medication disposal, see How to Get Rid of Anything.

Prevent Bay Pollution

Whatever goes down a storm drain flows directly - without treatment - into local waterways and eventually into the ocean, threatening water quality for humans and wildlife.

Residential pesticides used by homeowners and pest control services run off into storm drains during rain, or when you water your yard, and are the primary sources of pollution. Other common pollutants are motor oil, paints, grass clippings, fertilizers, litter and pet waste.

You can choose alternative products and best management practices (BMPs) to protect our environment.

Learn about protecting our creeks and watershed

Your Garden

Your Car

Your Home

Your Business

Make sure your business is doing its part to help keep the Bay clean, and avoid fines by educating yourself and training your employees about best practices for preventing water pollution.

Your Construction Site

Your School

Help your school learn how to prevent water pollution with a presentation by a speaker from the City's Environmental Outreach Program.

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Last Updated: Jul 9, 2021