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City Grants and Loans

Housing Assistance

Home Improvement Program

Who: For individuals
What: Loans and grants
Deadline: Ongoing

The City's Home Improvement Program (HIP) provides loans for home renovations to lower-income home owners and renters. It also provides a very limited number of small grants for minor home improvements. The program includes improvements for accessibility, energy-efficiency and general repairs for health and safety.

Types of HIP assistance and eligibility requirements
Types of HIP assistance and eligibility requirements - Spanish

First-time Home Buyer Loan Program

Who: For individuals
What: Loans
Deadline: Ongoing

The First-time Home Buyer Loan (FTHB) Program offers down payment assistance to moderate or lower-income, first-time home buyers who live or work in Sunnyvale. The FTHB program is available to eligible buyers of Below Market Rate (BMR) or lower-cost market-rate homes in Sunnyvale.

Amount: Second mortgage loan of up to $50,000

FTHB Program Income Limits
FTHB Program Guidelines

Community Grants

The City awards up to $34,000 each year for the Community Events and Neighborhood Grant program. The grants are for events and projects taking place Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2022. We are now accepting applications.
Deadline to submit: Oct. 29

NEW! Submit Your Application Online
Both grant applications are online forms. The forms may time out after 30 minutes. To avoid losing your answers you may wish to write them in a separate document. Then copy and paste the answer into the online form. Preview the list of questions in each grant's program guidelines below.

Community Events Grant Program

Who: Nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations
What: Grants

The Community Events Grants (CEGP) are for free, nonreligious community events that serve the Sunnyvale community.

Amount: Up to 40% of total event expenses

CEGP Application
CEGP Program Guidelines

Neighborhood Grant Program

Who: Sunnyvale neighborhood groups and associations
What: Grants

The Neighborhood Grant Program (NGP) is for free neighborhood events or projects. The goal is to increase communication among neighbors, improve the physical condition of the neighborhood or enhance neighborhood pride and identity.

Amount: Up to $1,500 per group

NGP Application
NGP Project Budget Form
NGP Program Guidelines

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2021